What Does the Net Metering Change Mean for You?

  • New and more complicated regulations around solar power
  • Changes to financial savings from going solar
  • Consumers must be more careful than ever about who they choose to install their system

California Assembly Bill 327 determined that Net Metering 1.0 would end in July 2017 or when five percent of an investor-owned utility’s peak power is coming from renewable energy sources, whichever came first.

“Once the cap was reached, a new set of rules called Net Metering 2.0 kicked in and the price and rules around solar power changed.”

San Diegans proved that solar power is the future and in SDG&E’s territory the solar energy cap was hit in June 2016.

Solar power users who had systems already up and running when the cap was hit were not affected by the new pricing structure and were grandfathered in to Net Metering 1.0 for 20 years.

Now, customers who go solar are placed on the new Net Metering 2.0 rules and pricing structure, which thanks to the utilities are more complicated than ever.

One-Time Connection Fee: New solar power customers will pay their local electricity utility a one-time connection fee for using the public grid to exchange the clean, green power they generate from the sun. It is anticipated the fee will be around $150.

More Complicated Regulations: The new rules also phase in Time of Use restrictions over time, which means all utility customers will pay more for power they use during peak hours and less for power used overnight or during other low-demand times. To determine if solar will work for you, an in-depth energy usage analysis must be done.

Go With Your Trusted Energy Advisors: It's more important than ever who your choice of solar power contractor is. Less-experienced solar companies don’t know the ins and outs of Net Metering 2.0 like Sullivan Solar Power, your trusted solar power partner. Do not go solar until you speak with Sullivan Solar Power!

Solar Power Customers Need Expert Guidance

With the new rules for solar power, you need an expert solar power company to show you how to make the new rules work for you. Our professionals are experts on the new rules and rates because Sullivan Solar Power has been at the forefront of shaping the new rules for the past several years. The old way of designing and installing solar power systems is over.

Don’t go into battle against your utility alone! Let Sullivan Solar Power be your expert guide through the more complicated solar power rules of Net Metering 2.0.

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