Orange County Solar Power

With California's reliably sunny climate, it's no surprise that approximately 85 percent of the solar power panels in the U.S. have been installed in facilities located in California. Sullivan Solar Power has extensive experience providing both homeowners and business owners with superior, reliable solar power services in Orange County and throughout Southern California.

With more than four decades of combined professional experience, our skilled electrical contractors are dedicated to:

  • Helping each client design, install and maintain the solar power system that is best suited to their needs and budget
  • Securing the necessary financing, tax incentives and rebates available for each client
  • Continuing to make California the national leader in the use of solar power systems
  • Offering 25-year warranties on all systems we design and install

What are Solar Power Systems?

Solar power systems, also referred to as photovoltaic systems, consist of a series of cells (or panels) that collect the sun's rays and convert them into energy. This solar energy can be used to cover 100 percent of a residential or commercial facility's needs.

While the first solar panels that were introduced in the 1950s were only 6 percent efficient at converting energy, modern systems are up to 22 percent effective at energy conversion. In order for a solar system to be the most effective, it's important that the solar power panels are installed in the proper location and at the proper angle to obtain maximum sunlight exposure.

Residential Solar Systems in Orange County

Residential solar power in Orange County is saving homeowners hundreds of dollars each year in energy bills. By law, utility companies are required to buy any extra energy produced by a solar power system until the consumer's bill is eliminated entirely.

In addition to the costs that homeowners will save in energy bills, a solar power installation can also increase property values, cut down on emissions, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and promote a greener environment. Property owners that install solar systems will also be eligible for federal tax credits and state rebates that can cover as much as 40 percent of the cost of the system.

Commercial Solar Systems in Orange County

Corporations can enjoy the same benefits as homeowners who install solar power panels to their properties. An additional benefit for businesses owners is that solar systems can be used as positive public relations to showcase an environmental consciousness.

For more information about solar power installation in Orange County, contact Sullivan Solar. A knowledgeable project developer can explain the process and benefit specific to your property.

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