No time to waste, San Diego Gas and Electric’s Net Energy Metering Cap is Here!

The arrangement between solar homeowners and SDG&E is changing. There is a limited number of SDG&E customers who can go solar before the rules change forever.

Less than 1% of available capacity remains in SDG&E’s territory before the solar cap is reached.

In the last few months there has been a 20% increase in solar applications from historical data. Based off this information, we anticipate the net metering cap will hit this coming April.

Graph displaying contracting signing dates, installation times and projecting when the net metering cap hits

How much time do you have to decide? By our estimates, you have less than two weeks to sign up to go solar and reserve your place in line. From contract signing to system installation, Sullivan Solar Power is operating at a 60 day turnaround time. You must be installed before the deadline is reached to qualify for current net metering benefits and receive grandfathering protection.

There will never be a better time to go solar than now. Go solar before the cap is hit and enjoy 20-years of grandfathering protection. Contact us today to reserve your place in line!

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is why solar makes financial sense. It is the billing arrangement for solar owners that provides full-retail credit for the energy they put on the grid. Homeowners who go solar before the cap is reached will benefit from 20-years of grandfathering protection. This means from the day you turn your system on through the following 20 years, you are guaranteed to receive the net metering benefits SDG&E offered at the time you went solar.

Why is it expiring?

SDG&E, along with other California utility companies, successfully lobbied to pass Assembly Bill 327.

In simplified terms; once a certain amount of solar is installed in SDG&E territory, Net Metering expires.

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