Photo of Newport Coast SunPower solar panel installation at the Lund residence

Newport Coast Solar Power: Lund Residence

The Lund residence is utilizing the power of clean renewable energy to power their home. A custom design incorporated aesthetics and the power of a 4.2 kW system.


This Newport Beach solar power installation by Sullivan Solar Power is part of the solar energy revolution and generating clean, renewable electricity for the Lund family. On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

  • Generate 6,434 to 8,578 kilowatt hours of clean renewable solar power.
  • Avoid the creation of 10,637 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide released into our air.
  • Provide the system owner with $1,887 in Solar Power Savings.

Project Details

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Type of Mounting

Spanish Tile Roof

Solar Panels



SMA America

System Size (kW AC)