Orange County Solar Rebates

With mounting public awareness of the importance of capitalizing on renewable sources of energy (and, thereby, decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels), it's no surprise that solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in areas with sunny climates. In fact, approximately 85 percent of all solar panel systems that have been installed in the U.S. are in southern California.

While use of solar panel systems promotes eco-friendly practices, it also has significant financial benefits for residents and commercial users in the form of federal solar tax credits, California state solar rebates, and long-term savings in energy bills (as owners can generate up to 100 percent of their facility's needs, eliminating the need to purchase power from their local utility company).

Known as the California Solar Initiative, the state solar energy rebate program was developed by the California Public Utilities Commission and the Energy Commission. It is active through 2016 and has a budget of $2.167 billion.

The state solar energy rebate program provides substantial financial incentives for solar power panel owners based on the size, location and effectiveness of their system (with incentives being paid upfront in one payment or over a period of years, based on the owner's preference). Together, the federal tax incentives and California solar power rebate can pay for as much as 40 percent of the cost of a solar panel system.

Secure California Solar Rebates with Sullivan Solar Power

Having installed more than 4 million watts of solar power systems throughout southern California, the well-trained, experienced professionals at Sullivan Solar Power are skilled at:

  • Assessing a home or commercial building to develop a customized solar power system that will maximize an owner's ability to generate energy and secure serious financial savings
  • Completing and submitting all necessary paperwork for permits, federal tax credits and California solar rebates
  • Installing and maintaining top-of-the-line systems (we offer 25-year warranties on all systems we design and work we perform)
  • Coordinating with local utilities companies to develop power purchase agreements for our clients

Learn More about Orange County Solar Rebates

Contact our professional solar power contractors today to learn more about the benefits going green and saving with a solar energy system. We are happy to discuss your solar goals and options with you. Contact Sullivan Solar Power today.

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