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Alpine Solar Power

Alpine is a picturesque and mostly rural community situated in East San Diego County, about 25 miles east of downtown San Diego. The community sits on the western edge of the expansive Cleveland National Forest and affords residents ample fishing, hiking and other outdoor recreational pursuits.

Alpine also is a hot bed for solar power, with abundant sunshine nearly year round and larger lot sizes that can accommodate bigger solar array installations. Sadly, Alpine residents have been victims of disasters caused by the local power utility, such as brush fires sparked by downed power lines and the Sunrise Powerlink Project. That makes Alpine solar power just that much more attractive.

Sullivan Solar Power is an established Alpine solar power company, having completed residential and commercial installations in the community. Alpine residents who go solar can enjoy solar powered savings on day one while helping reduce harmful emissions in their beautiful community,

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Alpine Solar Power: By the Numbers

Solar power is helping save Alpine residents money while protecting their environment. More than 1,000 Alpine residents have already made the switch to solar.

Each year, solar power helps keep more than $3.7 million in Alpine's local economy instead of it being paid to the local utility. At the same time, going solar in Alpine helps avoid the creation of more than 20 million pounds of carbon dioxide in the air.  

Our Alpine solar power customers are essential to helping us achieve our ultimate goal of leading a solar energy revolution across San Diego County and the rest of Southern California.

To see some examples of our Alpine solar power installations, click on the detailed solar case studies below.

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