Coronado Solar Power: Alison Residence

Photo of Alison solar panel installation in Coronado

The Coronado solar power project at the Alison family residence entailed the installation of a 4.5kW solar power system. The components, 24 Sharp ND-176U1Y modules and an SMA SunnyBoy 4000US inverter, were installed on the family's home. The glossy black solar panels maintain the household's aesthetics, but also assist in generating clean, green energy straight from the sun. After the work was completed, the Alison family praised "Sullivan Solar'sgreat staff" and said working with us gave them the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are working with experienced professionals at every step of the way. Now, the family enjoys knowing they are helping reduce harmful emissions in their beautiful island community while reducing their reliance on the local utility company for their electricity needs.

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4 kW