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Photo of Bartsch solar panel installation in Coronado

Coronado Solar Power: Bartsch Residence

Coronado solar power is a specialty of Sullivan Solar Power. For this project at the Bartsch home, our crews expertly installed a 5,538 WAC solar power system powered by 28 Sharp NU-U230F3 modules and a Sunnyboy 6000US inverter. The solar panels and other solar energy equipment were securely mounted on the tar and gravel roof of the home. The property owners were pleased with the Coronado solar power project by Sullivan Solar Power, saying "We worked together very well, I never got the feeling you were in a rush to just go through the motions."


The Bartsch family has joined the Sullivan Solar Power solar energy revolution!

This Coronado solar power installation is generating clean, renewable electricity directly from the sun’s rays, saving the Bartsch family money and helping preserve the natural beauty of Coronado.

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