Coronado Solar Power: Foley Residence

Photo of Foley solar panel installation in Coronado
When the Foley family decided to go solar in January 2011, they called Sullivan Solar Power, an experienced and dedicated provider of Coronado solar power projects. Under Sullivan's expert direction, the family installed a 1,666 WAC system to produce home grown energy. The components were installed on the roof of the household so as to attain the optimal results and the greatest amount of efficient production. Currently, the Foleys take pleasure in having significantly reduced electricity costs and recognizing that they are doing their part to eradicate harmful emissions in their lovely island community. Property owner M. Foley said Sullivan Solar Power crews went above and beyond expectations when completing the Coronado solar power job. "You have fulfilled my highest goals and expectations," said M. Foley.

On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

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Solar Panels
Bill Before Solar
System Size
2 kW