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Photo of Lektorich solar panel installation in Coronado

Coronado Solar Power: Lektorich Residence

The Coronado solar power installation at the Lektorich family residence involved installation of a 1,384 WAC solar energy system using high-efficiency SunPower modules and a SunnyBoy 3000US inverter. The solar power equipment was installed on the tile roof of the home and positioned to collect the most direct sunlight and maximize the system's efficiency. Sullivan Solar Power is proficient with installations in Coronado and identifies the system components that are most suitable for the exclusive island community right off the coast of downtown San Diego. Coronado residents and business owners can rely on Sullivan Solar Power for qualified, committed, and advanced solar power solutions.


The Lektorich family has joined the Sullivan Solar Power solar energy revolution!

This Coronado solar power installation is generating clean, renewable electricity directly from the sun’s rays, saving the Lektorich family money and helping preserve the natural beauty of Coronado.

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