Coronado Solar Power: McJannet Residence

Photo of McJannet solar panel installation in Coronado
This Coronado solar power installation brought a 7,500 WAC Siliken solar module to an asphalt shingle roof in the upscale island community off the coast of downtown San Diego. Due to the sloped angle of the home's roof, the solar equipment was mounted on a tilt racking system to achieve the maximum exposure to the sun and the best possible solar energy results. The McJannet household currently relishes producing their own energy straight from the sun and reducing their electricity costs. Following the project's completion, the family praised applauded the entire Sullivan Solar Power sales and installation crew for their diligence in accomplishing the Coronado solar power installation. "Your project developer was straightforward and not pushy," said M. McJannet. "All I can say is - excellent work delivered by a professional team."
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8 kW