Dickinson Residence Carlsbad Solar Power

This Vista solar power project by Sullivan Solar Power consisted of installing a 6.707KW solar energy system. This impressive solar array was mounted on the ground, rather than the more common location on the roof of a building, and powered by 33 Sharp NU U235-F3 modules and a 240-volt SMA SB7000US inverter.The Mauricio family now enjoys increased energy independence, including reduced or eliminated utility bills, as well as the knowledge that they are doing what they can to keep their community free of harmful energy emissions. The family has gone off the grid with Vista solar power from Sullivan Solar Power.Solar power in Vista and other San Diego suburbs is a great option for many residential and commercial property owners. Many cities across Southern California offer valuable rebates and other financial incentives to encourage property owners to install solar power systems on their properties. Sullivan Solar Power can work with you on your Vista solar power project or in other cities to identify possible funding sources for your solar power installation.

I think that Sullivan is the right company to go with. Its the friendliest and its the most helpful.

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