Solar Power installation company in El Cajon, California

El Cajon Solar Power

Translated from Spanish, it means a "big box or drawer," so it's fitting that El Cajon is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains northeast of downtown San Diego. The Mediterranean and semi-arid climate creates an abundance of sunshine without a drastic temperature flux between day and night. That means El Cajon is ideally suited for solar power.

El Cajon residents have begun to realize they can use the bountiful sunshine to create an environmentally responsible form of clean energy, while saving money on the rising cost of monthly utility bills. By making the switch to solar power, El Cajon residents and business owners are saving money and helping to reduce pollution in their community.

Sullivan Solar Power is an established El Cajon solar power company that is dedciated to helping place clean, cost-effective solar power installations on El Cajon rooftops.

Systems Installed
Dollars Saved Annually
Solar Panels Deployed
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Pounds of CO2 Avoided Annually
Photo of Swartz solar panel installation in El Cajon
Photo of Bowman solar panel installation in El Cajon
Rick Zitren
Photo of Meredith solar panel installation in El Cajon
Photo of Nunez solar panel installation in El Cajon
Photo of Norton solar panel installation in El Cajon
Photo of El Cajon Kyocera 320GX-LFB solar panel installation by Sullivan Solar Power at the Beaver residence