Grant Residence: Irvine Solar Power

Photo of Grant solar panel installation in San Diego
The Grant Residence is taking advantage of year-round Irvine sunshine with a residential solar power system. The roof mounted design consists of 40 solar panels positioned at specific angles to capture the most available light and dual inverters used to transform the produced energy into a form usable by the household. This Irvine solar power installation can pump out over 7,800 watts, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing monthly utility bills! The customer shopped around before contacting Sullivan Solar Power and paid us a nice compliment. "Sullivan Solar was the only solar company that I believed would make us happy with their systems." Our professionally trained employees handle every step of the process beginning with assisting in your education, designing, permitting, through installation and monitoring. We know the business well and can tailor an energy solution for your needs!

On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

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Solar Panels
Bill Before Solar
System Size
8 kW