Irvine Solar Power: Chue Residence

Photo of Chue solar panel installation in Irvine
For this Irvine solar power project, Sullivan Solar Power installed solar panels on the Spanish tile roof of the home. The result not only does good for the environment, but the property owner's wallet as well. As property owner J. Chue found out, going solar can have a significant impact on your monthly bill - sometimes getting it down to zero. This Irvine solar power installation involved placing a 5.286 KW solar power system powered by 27 SunPower SRP-225E-BLK-D modules and a SunPower SPR6000m (240v) inverter. The high-efficiency solar power equipment was placed on the roof of the home and positioned to best capture sunlight and allow the most efficient generation of environmentally friendly solar power. When you are ready to reduce or completely eliminate your monthly utility bill and help reduce harmful emissions in your community, contact Sullivan Solar Power. For Irvine solar power projects, our Orange County sales and installation teams are here to serve you. Our professional teams will work with you to select the best solar power system to meet your individual needs and install the system on your commercial or residential building.
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5 kW