Photo of Sanders solar panel installation in Irvine

Irvine Solar Power: Sanders Residence

The Sanders Residence decided to convert a portion of their rooftop into a 5,100 watt power station! The 18 solar panels are angled along the roofline to absorb sunlight in order to create a current of electricity that is run through an inverter for home usage. This Irvine solar power installation showcases the aesthetics of a professional design, saves the homeowner money each month on utility bills, increases the value of the home and helps fight air pollution!


This Irvine solar power installation by Sullivan Solar Power is part of the solar energy revolution and generating clean, renewable electricity for the Sanders family. On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

  • Generate 7,772 to 10,362 kilowatt hours of clean renewable solar power.
  • Avoid the creation of 12,849 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide released into our air.
  • Provide the system owner with $2,280 in Solar Power Savings.

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