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Solar Power installation company in Ocean Beach - San Diego, California

Ocean Beach Solar Power

Ocean Beach is a "funky" coastal community located in Central San Diego, just south of Mission Beach and Mission Bay. Founded in 1887 by two real estate developers, Ocean Beach has grown over the years but retains its counter-culture that embraces the odd and unusual. A walk down the legendary Ocean Beach boardwalk reveals a charming mix of street performers, surfers, and 1960s throwbacks who love the communities free spirit and individual character.

Ocean Beach residents and business owners tend to embrace environmental causes, including solar energy. Community officials and property owners generally are supportive of solar power installations and the clean, green energy it produces. With a supportive and understanding community, Ocean Beach is an ideal location for solar power.

Sullivan Solar Power is an established Ocean Beach solar power company with the experience, knowledge and skill to install an efficient solar energy system tailored to your individual energy needs.

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Ocean Beach Solar Power: By the Numbers

Ocean Beach residents are helping change how San Diego is powered by making the switch from utility electricity to clean and renewable solar energy.

More than 400 solar installations are now running in Ocean Beach, with 6,427 individual solar panels generating nearly 2,000 kilowatts of electricity.

Each each, solar power in Ocean Beach helps avoid the creation of 4.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide and keep $821,000 in the community's economy instead of being paid on rising utility bills. 

Our Ocean Beach solar power customers are essential to helping us achieve our ultimate goal of leading a solar energy revolution across Southern California.

To see some examples of our Ocean Beach solar power installations, click on the detailed solar case studies below.

Solar Installations Completed


Kilowatts Installed


Solar Panels Deployed


Pounds of CO2 Avoided Annually


Annual Dollars Saved


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