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Photo of Gaskin solar panel installation in San Diego

San Diego Solar Power: Gaskin Residence

The Gaskins worked with Sullivan Solar Power to develop unused rooftop space into a small electricity production system capable generating over 1,700 watts of electricity to power the home! This San Diego solar panels installation consists of 10 solar panels positioned at specific angles to capture as much sunlight as possible. The sustainable DC energy created from the sunlight is then "inverted" to AC for home or grid consumption.ΔΎ


This San Diego solar power installation by Sullivan Solar Power is part of the solar energy revolution and generating clean, renewable electricity for the Gaskin family. On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

  • Generate 2,681 to 3,574 kilowatt hours of clean renewable solar power.
  • Avoid the creation of 4,432 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide released into our air.
  • Provide the system owner with $786 in Solar Power Savings.

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