Solar Power installation company in Scripps Ranch, California

Scripps Ranch Solar Power

Scripps Ranch, a charming suburban community in the city of San Diego, may be small, but it is a powerhouse when it comes to generating solar energy. Scripps Ranch is home to 92131, the most solar power saturated zip code in California, where more than 26% of homes have gone solar. Residents of Pinecastle Street in Scripps Ranch are on track to create their own solar power community, with more than 60 kilowatts of solar power already installed on 11 homes on that street alone.

Scripps Ranch’s inland location affords the community plenty of sunshine for the efficient generation of solar energy.

Scripps Ranch is a leader in San Diego’s solar power revolution and is located just a few miles east of our Miramar headquarters. Sullivan Solar Power is an established Scripps Ranch solar power company, with hundreds of residential and commercial installations in the community under our belt. 

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Scripps Ranch Solar Power: By the Numbers

Sullivan Solar Power has helped make Scripps Ranch one of the top solar power producers in the nation. We have hundreds of satisified customers in the community and look forward to working with many more as they declare their energy independence and go solar.

Each year, Scripps Ranch solar power customers help save the San Diego County economy more than $5.3 million that would have been paid to help support the fossil fuels industry, which avoiding the creation of 30 million pounds of carbon dioxide in our air.

Our Scripps Ranch solar power customers are on the forefront of helping us achieve our goal of leading a solar energy revolution across Southern California.

To see some examples of our Scripps Ranch solar power installations, click on the detailed solar case studies below.

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