Vista Solar Power: Keene Residence

Photo of Keene solar panel installation in Vista

At Sullivan Solar Power, our professional sales and installation teams can work with you to design and place a solar power system for any property type. For this Vista solar power project, our team built a ground mount and rack that was perfect for a homeowner whose property did not have enough room on the roof to house the solar equipment. The Keene household converted the land close to their residence into an eye-catching and high-efficiency solar powerplant. On top of producing sufficient energy for the home, any surplus of electricity generated by the installation is sold back to the local utility in the form of credits. As a result, the Keene family likely enjoys paying no electric bill each month. The innovative Vista solar power Sullivan Solar Power installed for the Keene family consists of 36 Sharp solar modules and a Fronius USA inverter.

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Solar Panels
Bill Before Solar
System Size
7 kW