Vista Solar Power: Vandling Residence

Photo of Vandling solar panel installation in Vista
The Vandling solar power installation involves a striking 7.6kW tailored ground mount system. The system functions using 39 Siliken SLK60P6L modules and one SMA SunnyBoy 8000US inverter to attain maximum sun contact. Sullivan Solar Power specializes in Vista solar power and has serviced nearly a dozen residential and commercial solar projects in the picturesque inland North San Diego County community. With its inland location and abundant sunshine nearly year round, Vista solar power is a viable option for many property owners. The Vandling family now enjoys dramatically reduced utility bills and the knowledge that they are doing their part to reduce harmful emissions and produce clean, green solar power in Vista. If you live or own property in Vista, solar power may be a viable and cost-effective solution. Sullivan Solar Power has the experience, training and equipment to outfit your Vista solar power project, from the smallest residential installation to the largest commercial solar project. Make today the day you went "off the grid" with state-of-the-art Vista solar power.
Solar Panels
Bill Before Solar
System Size
8 kW