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Solar Power installation company in Blythe, California

Blythe Solar Power

Blythe is a great spot for solar power. With abundant sunshine, hot sun and a need for air conditioning and swimming pool pumps most of the year, Blythe and solar power are a good match. Many Blythe residents and business owners have been able to slash their utility bills and start saving on day one by going solar.

Sullivan Solar Power is an established Blythe solar power company, committed to helping the region become energy independent by installing clean, green and renewable solar energy systems across the valley.


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Blythe Solar Power: By the Numbers

Blythe residents and business owners are helping lead the solar energy revolution across Riverside County and the rest of Southern California. By making the switch to solar and saving money while helping preserve the natural environment, Blythe property owners are proving that solar energy is here to stay.

There are already more thann 400 solar power systems in Blythe generating more than 14,000 kilowatts of clean, renewable power from the sun. Each year, solar power in Blythe helps residents save more than $6.3 million that would have otherwise been spent on rising utility bills. At the same time, the move to solar in Blythe is avoiding the creation of more than 35 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

Our Blythe solar power customers are crucial to achieving our purpose of leading a solar energy revolution. To see some examples of our Blythe solar power installations, click on the detailed solar case studies below.

Solar Installations Completed


Kilowatts Installed


Solar Panels Deployed


Pounds of CO2 Avoided Annually


Annual Dollars Saved


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