Residential Video Testimonials

Homeowners across Southern California who have gone solar with Sullivan Solar Power are thrilled with their monthly energy savings and helping preserve their community’s beauty by reducing harmful fossil fuel emissions.

More than 8,000 homeowners from San Diego to Orange County and across the Inland Empire know that Sullivan Solar Power is the best choice for going solar. Our experience, dedication and highest-quality solar energy components mean our solar energy systems will generate clean, green and renewable electricity from the sun’s rays for decades.

To find out why our residential customers love working with us, watch our video testimonials.

Poway Solar Power: Lane Residence Video Testimonial

I got peaked by Sullivan because they were doing commercial as well as residential and I work at UCSD where several of the parking structures have Sullivan solar power installed on them.

San Diego Solar Power: Lutgendorf Residence Video Testimonial

"Our process with going solar was very straightforward. I would say consider your options, my vote would be that you look at Sullivan. They are a fantastic company and we are very pleased with the installation and service team."

San Diego Solar Power: Kraska Residence Video Testimonial

Efficiency, timely, everything about the process from the beginning to end was more than I could have ever expected and I'm so happy with the system. It is so much fun each and every day when I wake up and the sun is out and I'm thinking to myself, Wow I'm making money right now!

San Diego Solar Power: Deffley Residence Video Testimonial

We had confidence that Sullivan was going to be a solid company we would be working with for many years down the road.

Tuttle Residence Alpine Solar Power Video Testimonial

Since weve gone solar, Sullivan Solar Power has been nothing but good service.