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Sullivan Solar Power is your dedicated, experienced and reliable solar power installation company. Installing a solar energy system that is properly designed and built is easy with the help of an expert solar panel installation company like Sullivan Solar Power. With nearly three decades of combined experience, our seasoned professionals are committed to helping environmentally consciousness Southern Californians take advantage of the many benefits of using renewable solar energy.

Solar Power Installation Guide

Also referred to as photovoltaic systems, solar electric systems are comprised of a number of solar cells, which are typically made of silicon or another semiconductor material. Held within an anti-reflective material and a glass cover, solar cells are conjoined to form panels, which are set in a frame and placed in the sunniest spots on a building's rooftop.

The first step is to design a unique solar power system tailored to our client’s specific needs. Some of things we will take into account when customizing a solar system include:

• The property itself, how the facility to be outfitted is wired, how big it is and how much sunlight it receives.

• Your current energy usage (based on past electric bills and electric meter readings).

• Your budget (we will help outline a financial plan based on available financing programs, rebates and federal tax credits).

Pending approval and the filing of essential paperwork for city permits and any available financial incentives such as tax credits, our solar installation company will then design and build your solar power system. After installation, we closely monitor each system to ensure maximum productivity and provide technical support as long as our systems are operating.

Solar Power Installation Cost

The exact cost of a solar power system will depend on the size of the system as well as the precise type of equipment used to build it. Generally, solar energy systems will cost between $8 and $12 per watt of electricity generated. While smaller systems – such as those for RVs or small appliances – tend to cost between $700 and $1,000, larger, more extensive systems are usually priced around $30,000.

Financial Assistance For Solar Power Installation

Although these numbers may seem outrageous, it's important for prospective solar power system owners to keep in mind that as much as 40 percent of the cost of their system may be covered by federal investment tax credits and other financial incentives for solar power customers. Additionally, those who own these systems can save hundreds even thousands of dollars in annual energy bills, as our systems can generate all of a facility's energy needs.

Solar power systems can yield quick results. Property owners who decide to move forward with a solar energy system will experience the benefits quickly.

For more information about the potential benefit to you as property owner in Southern California, please contact our solar power installation company.

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