Government/Non-Profit Solar Power

Go Solar and Lead By Example

More and more, America is moving away from a reliance on fossil fuels and toward sources of renewable energy, including solar power. That means for governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and other public entities, there is no better time than now to make the switch to solar power and position your organization as a leader in cleaner energy technology. By incorporating solar power into your energy profile, governmental bodies and organizations can lead by example. Your voters and other consituents will thank you for helping reduce harmful emissions in their communities.

Besides helping to preserve our natural resources, cities, counties, states and other governmental agencies which go with solar power can enjoy other benefits, such as:

Qualify for Valuable Rebates

There are substantial financial rebates available for all solar power projects in California, but for government agencies and non-profit organizations, those rebates are typically 20 percent higher than standard rebates offered to private citizens. Sullivan Solar Power is expert at helping public agencies secure these rebates for solar power projects. Call us today to find out how we can help your organization, too.

Get More Out of Your Energy Budget

Every government and public agency has money set aside for energy expenses. The problem is, with the rising costs of energy, that amount must also increase, placing a greater burden on taxpayers. Rather than continuing down this path of use and spend, why not secure a solar power system for your public facilities and lock in your energy rates for generations to come?

Go Solar With No Capital Outlay

For some smaller governmental agencies and non-profit organizations, the cost of installing a solar power system if prohibitive. For those users, it may be possible to finance the solar system at a rate that is equal to or even less than the existing monthly energy costs. Through a Power Purchase Agreement, public agencies may be able to sell back to the local utility the unused energy that is generated by the solar power equipment. In order to qualify for such an arrangement, users must consume approximately 400,000 kilowatt-hours per year. Non-profit organizations must have strong financials and have been in existence for at least five years. Both governmental agencies and non-profits must be willing to turn over their financial information prior to approval of a power purchase agreement. Call Sullivan Solar Power today to find out how your agency can qualify for this type of arrangement.

Expert Guidance in RFP Process

Although Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are not required for energy efficiency upgrades according to Calfornia law, if your agency or organization prefers an RFP process, Sullivan Solar Power can assist in both the development of the RFP and the acquisition of the rebates for a small fee. We typically charge substantially less than what an engineering firm would charge for the same service. Also, most engineering firms are not familiar with the intricacies of solar photovoltaic design practices. At Sullivan Solar Power, our professional staff and engineers will draft and design systems that utilize modern materials, components and design practices to help ensure a uniform bidding process on your solar power project.

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