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Go Solar With Your Neighbors and Save!

More and more commercial and residential property owners are kicking the utility company to the curb and going off the grid with clean, reliable solar energy. Consumers who decide to install a solar power system at the same time as their neighbors can save money while helping preserve their community's natural resources.

Sullivan Solar Power offers steep discounts to customers who join forces to install individual solar power systems at the same time. By aggregating customers in a given community, we are able to reduce our expenses for delivery and pass those savings on to you and your community.

How Do I and My Neighbors Save Money?

You have a couple options if you want to save money by joining forces with your neighbors to install solar power systems.

You can call Sullivan Solar Power to set up a free, no obligation meeting where our developers will meet with you and your neighbors at the same time go over the cost and benefits of going solar as a group. We offer a sliding discount for given numbers of community members who sign up. The more who sign up, the larger the discounts.

Or, if you and your neighbors would rather go solar but without purchasing the system, we can do that too. We will install and maintain your systems at no cost through what is called a Power Purchase Agreement. You and your neighbors simply pay for the energy produced at a guaranteed savings over utility rates.

With a Power Purchase Agreement, you can go solar and save money, with no net cost.

Either way, when you and your neighbors are ready to join forces and install individual solar power systems at the same time, call Sullivan Solar Power to set up a meeting to discuss your options.

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