For the W3 Awards Judges to Consider

Dear Judges,
It is important that I give a little background on this Banner Campaign entry, as the landing page you just viewed does not tell the story. Unfortunately, the W3 Awards entry form does not provide the ability to upload anything further than a URL.

First of all, our goal is to change the way the world generates energy. Fossil fuel causes war around the globe, pollutes the planet, creates utility monopolies, and funds terrorism, among other issues.

The page you just came from is the landing page of one of the most successful renewable energy banner ad campaigns of all time; Don't Go Solar. It may sound counterintuitive, but the tagline "Don't Go Solar" proved to be highly intriguing and compelled people to click at a rate far, far, exceeding industry standard. In fact, Don't Go Solar has become one of the most valuable, and copied, campaigns in the history of the solar industry. I can, right now, find other solar companies using this same tagline to help change the world, but it was invented right here, in the very same chair I write this from.

What does that matter? The amount of solar power ultimately generated by this campaign resulted in literally hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide that would otherwise been burned in coal or gas power plants. This not only offsets the dangers of burning fossil fuels listed above, but provides families with a cheaper alternative for electricity. These solar systems will continue to generate clean energy for the next 20+ years. It also directly resulted in the continued employment of solar power professionals from marketing all the way to construction teams.

I wish I could provide a URL to view the banner part of this campaign, but it is not running this week, and if it were, would be on a rotation anyway across many websites.

Please take this into consideration when making your selection.

Michael Chagala Director of Information Technology

Sullivan Solar Power

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