Intellectual Minds Come Together to Discuss the Future of Energy Storage

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With the recent debates regarding energy storage regulations, specifically regarding which type of contractors are allowed to install solar batteries, it is no wonder that energy storage has continued to be a hot topic not only in the solar industry, but among homeowners as well.

Image of panel at UC Riverside's solar energy storage conference.

Due to the many educational solar seminars held across Southern California by Sullivan Solar Power, homeowners have begun to understand the crucial role that energy storage plays in protecting them from the volatile rate changes of the investor-owned utilities. The knowledge that homeowners have gained on the importance of adapting battery-integrated solar power systems has brought a need for further discussion, research and exploration of the future of energy storage.

One such critical discussion took place this past month at the Winston Chung Global Energy Center at the University of California, Riverside. Distinguished speakers traveled from all over the globe to converse and analyze topics such as energy storage and mobility, pairing energy storage with solar, emerging storage technologies, grid resiliency and reliability, and much more.

As a leader in energy storage installation across regions, Sullivan Solar Power gladly accepted the opportunity to sponsor and participate in the conference. “Energy storage has become a crucial element in continuing our mission of moving away from our dependence on fossil fuels,” remarked Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power, “We are grateful to have been included in such a significant discussion and conference, which will ultimately bring more homeowners the stability they are looking for. We look forward to what the future of energy storage will hold.”

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