SDSU Buildings Installed by Sullivan Solar Power Achieve Sustainability Certification

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San Diego State University's ongoing commitment to sustainability has been recognized with the Aztec Student Union and Storm-Nasatir Hall becoming LEED Platinum and LEED Gold certified respectively.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a sustainable building design-rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. The system provides standards for environmentally sustainable construction and it includes three levels of certification: silver, gold and platinum.

A trusted energy advisor to the university, Sullivan Solar Power has installed a number of solar systems on the campus, helping the university achieve a reduction in overall energy consumption in many of its facilities. These projects assist in achieving the organization’s goals to have all Associated Student buildings LEED certified by 2020.

SDSU Leads the Way on Collegiate Solar Power

“SDSU is a national leader in the adoption of solar power and Sullivan Solar Power is proud to have been there every step of the way,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power. “The installations at both the Student Union and Storm–Nasatir Hall will generate significant financial savings that can be reinvested into the university.”

The installation of solar energy by Sullivan Solar Power was instrumental in the achievement of this certification, with SDSU alumnus Justin Hammond responsible for designing both systems.

The student union solar installation is a 93.202 kilo-watt system while the Storm-Nasatir Hall is a 106 kilo-watt system. Combined, these systems contain 858 solar panels and provide local greenhouse gas reduction benefits offsetting over half a million pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

This project contributes to a safer environment for future generations and sets the foundation for a legacy of clean power in the area, which are shared objectives of both SDSU and Sullivan Solar Power.

Sullivan Solar Power is proud to help SDSU reach its sustainability goals and to continue to work with the university.

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