Photo of San Diego SunPower SPR-327-COM, Sunpower SPR-327-COM solar panel installation by Sullivan Solar Power at the Fradkin residence

San Diego Solar Power: Chabad Hebrew Academy

Sullivan Solar Power installed a 131,652-watt solar power system at the Chabad Hebrew Academy’s 27-acre campus in Scripps Ranch. The system consists of 446 Sunpower panels, which are high-efficiency panels capable of turning the sun’s rays into renewable electricity. The cost of the system was paid for in part by a $96,090 rebate the school applied for and received through the California Solar Initiative. The school’s system was grandfathered into the San Diego Gas & Electric net metering program, which allows the school to sell excess electricity the system generates but isn’t used on the campus to the utility and place it on the public energy grid.

On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

Newer Older
Solar Panels
SunPower SPR-327-COM, Sunpower SPR-327-COM
SMA America:STP24000TL-US-10, SMA America:STP20000TL-US-10
Bill Before Solar
System Size
132 kW