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City of San Diego

The city of San Diego is a global leader in renewable energy and has demonstrated time and again it is committed to leading the solar energy revolution to set an example for other municipalities to follow. In 2004, San Diego designed its first LEED facility which incorporated solar power at the GL Stevens Community Center.

Sullivan Solar Power was tapped to design, engineer, procure and construct the system in concert with general building contractor TB Penick. Our company was again chosen to do the same in 2006 for the city's northwestern Police Department station in Carmel Valley. Since these early projects, the city of San Diego has continued to lead the region in adopting solar power. In 2016, San Diego adopted a legally binding Climate Action Plan to power all city facilities with renewable energy by 2035.

At the time, the City of San Diego was the largest city in the United States to make such a commitment.

Photo of Northwestern Police Department solar panel installation in San Diego
Northwestern Police Department
Photo of GL Stevens Community Center solar panel installation in San Diego
GL Stevens Community Center