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Photo of Los Angeles Harbor College solar panel installation in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Harbor College

Environmentally minded students rejoice as the Los Angeles Harbor College joins the Solar Energy Revolution with a custom solar power system installed by Sullivan Solar Power. The 1,190 solar panels have the capacity to generate over 222,500 watts of electricity for the campus! A common inverter reduces points of failure and keeps the design lean. The design spans over the rooftop and across the parking structure, where students and visitors are provided with shade for their vehicles while simultaneously producing clean efficient solar power. It is a great to have the opportunity to help students lead by example and encourage the use of a more sustainable, environmentally responsible energy!


Los Angeles Harbor College has joined the Sullivan Solar Power solar energy revolution!

This Non Profit and Government solar power installation is generating clean, renewable electricity directly from the sun’s rays, saving Los Angeles Harbor College money and helping preserve the natural beauty of Non Profit and Government.

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