San Diego Solar Power: Cruise Ship Terminal

Photo of Port of San Diego Cruise Terminal solar panel installation in San Diego

The Broadway Pier Cruise Terminal has 3 separate solar systems on its roof, all installed by Sullivan Solar Power. The first 2 Phases of this project were built while the building was under construction and closed to the public. The third phase of this project brought about challenges resulting from the pier being open to the public at the time of installation, and the space being frequently used for large events. With the expectation of a future installation, Sullivan Solar Power was able to install the necessary conduits and equipment during the building's construction, making the final phase a seamless overall process. This particular phase of the Project covered the last 3 of the remaining standing seam metal roof spaces, while the previous 2 phases covered the other 6. Comprised of 3 systems totaling 468 Sharp solar modules which were manufactured in the United States, the Broadway Pier Cruise Terminal is expected to produce 153,572kWhrs per year.

Solar Panels
Bill Before Solar
System Size
30 kW