Photo of San Diego Kyocera solar panel installation by Sullivan Solar Power at the Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve

San Diego Solar Power: Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve

In 2015, when the California Department of Fish and Game decided to install a solar power system at its Rancho Jamul Ecological Reserve, officials called Sullivan Solar Power to get the job done. The building is located in the eastern part of San Diego County between Jamul and Dulzura and serves as the headquarters for the 5,600-acre Rancho Jamul reserve. We designed, built and installed a 20.5 kilowatt-AC system with 72 Kyocera panels to power the ranch's headquarters building. Due to ample open space in the mostly rural area, the solar panels were ground mounted and positioned optimally to capture the sun's rays.

On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

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