UCSD Elliot Field

Elliot Field's solar power system is one of five sites installed by Sullivan Solar Power for the UCSD, Campus Clean Renewable Energy Project. Complexities on this project included: minimizing disturbance of environmentally sensitive land, coordination with MCAS Miramar and tying the system in via existing medium-voltage overhead power lines. Ground disturbance was minimized through use of a proprietary ground-mounted racking system. With the help of UCSD, MCAS Miramar's Public Relations office was introduced to the project and the nature of the installation and potential impact on military flight patterns reviewed, to ensure an acceptable comfort level by all parties. Sullivan Solar Power, along with its consultants and sub-contractors, implemented medium-voltage design and equipment, to accommodate the PV system tie-in and backfeed of the existing overhead medium-voltage lines. The end result is an aesthetically-pleasing, rural solar generation plant. Consisting of (798) Sharp solar modules, which were manufactured in the United States, and a PV Powered inverter, this system is expected to produce 319,466 kWhrs per year.

Sullivan Solar Power has installed numerous solar power projects for the University of California at San Diego. Elliot Field is an excellent example of how to turn unused ground into a solar farm. Solar panels don't always have to go on the roof!


This UCSD solar power installation by Sullivan Solar Power is part of the solar energy revolution and generating clean, renewable electricity for UCSD Off Campus Sites. On average, each year a solar energy system this size will:

  • Generate 245,802 to 327,736 kilowatt hours of clean renewable solar power.
  • Avoid the creation of 406,393 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide released into our air.
  • Provide the system owner with $72,102 in Solar Power Savings.

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