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Costa Mesa Solar Power

Costa Mesa has a little known but rich history dating back to the 1880s.  Its first American settlers formed a town called Fairview, then it was later renamed Costa Mesa in 1920 and incorporated in 1953.  Today, Costa Mesa is a bustling city of over 100,000 residents. 

Costa Mesa is located perfectly for solar power; close enough to the coast to keep the temperature moderate, but inland enough to avoid the marine cloud layer.  Costa Mesa solar panels enjoy full sun and cool temperatures that don't get too hot to interfer with the efficient production of solar power.

Sullivan Solar Power is an established Costa Mesa solar power company with offices in Irvine serving all of Orange County. We have the experience, training and equipment to service your residential or commercial Costa Mesa solar power project. 

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Costa Mesa Solar Power: By the Numbers

Costa Mesa residents and business owners are helping change the way their city and the rest of Southern California generates electricity.

More than 800 Costa Mesa property owners have already gone solar and are generating more than 6,600 kilowatts of electricity from renewable solar power.

Each year, solar power in Costa Mesa helps avoid the creation of 16 million pounds of carbon dioxide and keeps $2.9 million in the local economy instead of being paid to the utility.

Our Costa Mesa solar power customers are essential to helping us achieve our ultimate goal of leading a solar energy revolution across Southern California.

To see some examples of our Costa Mesa solar power installations, click on the detailed solar case studies below.

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