Residential Video Testimonials

Homeowners across Southern California who have gone solar with Sullivan Solar Power are thrilled with their monthly energy savings and helping preserve their community’s beauty by reducing harmful fossil fuel emissions.

More than 8,000 homeowners from San Diego to Orange County and across the Inland Empire know that Sullivan Solar Power is the best choice for going solar. Our experience, dedication and highest-quality solar energy components mean our solar energy systems will generate clean, green and renewable electricity from the sun’s rays for decades.

To find out why our residential customers love working with us, watch our video testimonials.

Escondido Solar Power: Marzo Residence Video Testimonial

Working with Sullivan Solar staff is like shopping at Nordstroms. I gotta tell you it is the best of the best. You go in there, you are taken care of, my questions were answered, it is professional, it is not a hard sale, and they were there to help me understand. They are 1 of 4 in the nation that are certified as actual energy practitioners!

Wilfong Residence Coronado, CA Solar Power Video Testimonial

Sullivan Solar Power is professional, is reliable and is a great partner in improving the quality of life not only for the homeowner but for the environment to the community in Coronado and southern California.

Segal Residence Carlsbad, CA Solar Power Video Testimonial

An A+ company!

Ruth Residence Solar Power Video Testimonial

I chose Sullivan Solar Power because they had high ratings on solar panel review websites.

Ramsey Residence Coronado Solar Power Video Testimonial

The fact that Sullivan's system has not broken down tells me that they have a quality of installation that I think is unsurpassed.