Sullivan Solar Power Continues Commitment to Education

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Last week, on Thursday, January 24, Sullivan Solar Power continued its commitment to education by visiting Del Cerro Elementary in Mission Viejo, Calif. Community Development Manager Selene Lawrence and Project Developer Tyler Boden presented to students from two classes, who are currently learning about different forms of solar energy as part of their curriculum. The students learned about the real world applications of solar energy, including how to distinguish between renewable and non-renewable forms of energy and understand concepts of direct and alternating current electricity. They also were able to see solar power work in real-time, by racing the Junior Solar Sprint solar powered cars.

Photo of Sullivan Solar Power community development manager teaching elementary school students about solar power

It is heartwarming to see the enthusiasm of the students, who have keen concepts of conservation, energy and their impact on the world. The class finished up with the dance, "solar power, every hour, you know it's good for you! it's what you oughta do!" This is the second time the Sullivan Solar Power team has been to Del Cerro, and we appreciate Ms. Rios's enthusiasm in inviting us back! Sullivan Solar Power feels strongly that investing in education will equip both children and adults alike to create a better world, both now and in the future.

Committed to Solar Education.
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