Torrey Hills Elementary School Looks to the Future with Renewable Energy Inventions

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On Wednesday, June 12, Sullivan Solar Power headed to Torrey Hills Elementary School to give a presentation to the fifth and sixth grade students on the importance of renewable energy and how it helps combat the negative effects of climate change. Community Developers, Emily Padilla and Sarah Walsh, presented to over 200 students who were eager to show off the newfound climate knowledge they gained from their science class curriculum this past school year. The students were quick to differentiate between renewable and non-renewable energy sources and demonstrated a high level of understanding in regards to the problems that sources like coal, petroleum and natural gas cause for our environment.

Image of Sullivan Solar Power presentation on renewable energies and solar power to Torrey Hills Elementary

To add a real world application to the lesson, the students took Sullivan Solar Power’s Renewable Energy Challenge prior to the visit. The challenge tested their understanding of power sources by asking the students to formulate inventions that could be powered by various types of clean energy sources, such as wind, solar and hydropower. While exploring the projects in preparation for the event, the entire Community Development team at Sullivan Solar Power was thoroughly impressed at their creative minds while sifting through unique ideas like Kinetic Bands, Ozone Turbines, Lightning Lakes and Solar Shoes.

Image of Sullivan Solar Power's award presentation to three Torrey Hills Elementary students who won the Renewable Energy Challenge

After the presentation, three student teams were revealed as winners of the Renewable Energy Challenge and congratulated in front of their peers, earning gift cards for their impressive creativity and forward-thinking ideas. It was rewarding to experience the excitement and enthusiasm from these bright students and to envision what the future might have in store from these young minds.

The visit concluded with a special dance where the students and teachers learned the lyrics and choreography to a signature solar power rap song. They all got to show off their talents and the teachers even got on stage for a friendly class competition!

Sullivan Solar Power is always grateful for the opportunity to have an impact on elementary education and appreciates all of the teachers at Torrey Hills Elementary School for dedicating their time to educate students about clean renewable energy for the future.

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