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City of Highland

Highland, a mostly residential community nestled near the foot of Big Bear and the San Bernardino Mountains, is helping lead the solar energy revolution. City officials have made reducing reliance on fossil fuels and reducing energy costs a priority and installing a solar energy system helps achieve those goals.

Sullivan Solar Power is proud to have been selected by Highland officials to install two solar power projects in the city. Our team installed a solar energy system on the roof of the city's new police department building which is expected to produce more than 78,000 kilowatt hours each year. Sullivan Solar Power also designed, built and installed a solar power system with 336 solar panels on the roof of the city library, producing more than 46 kilowatts of electricity for that building.

We are proud to have helped the City of Highland declare its energy independence and joing the solar energy revolution!

Photo of Highland Police Department solar panel installation in San Diego
Highland Police Department
Photo of City of Highland Library solar panel installation in Highland
City of Highland Library