UCSD Bachman Carport Solar Power

Photo of UCSD Bachman Carport solar panel installation in San Diego
This is one of five sites installed by Sullivan Solar Power for the UCSD, Campus Clean Renewable Energy Project. This parking garage, located in Hillcrest, was chosen by UCSD receive solar parking canopies as part of this project. This site presented challenges in that it remained in use during the course of construction. Construction activities were expertly coordinated with facility management, to ensure minimal operational impact on the structure. Sullivan and its sub-contractors loaded the top deck of the parking structures with all materials necessary to complete construction in a single day. Erecting of the parking canopies and installation of the photovoltaic system was completed in just over 8 weeks. In addition, Sullivan Solar Power provided (3) Level 2 electric vehicle chargers, immediately adjacent to the 2nd floor elevator, for use by those who park in the parking garage. Comprised of (832) Sharp solar modules, which were manufactured in the United States, and PV Powered inverters, this system is expected to produce 295,751 kWhrs per year.
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Solar Panels
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System Size
169 kW