Photo of UCSD Nimitz Marine Facility solar panel installation in San Diego

UCSD Nimitz Marine Facility

This is one of five sites installed by Sullivan Solar Power for the UCSD, Campus Clean Renewable Energy Project. This facility is the support and management center for Scripps' fleet of research vessels and platform. UCSD directed Sullivan to utilize a ballasted racking system to minimize roof penetrations, so Sunlink racking was used, resulting in a hybrid racking system with minimal roof penetrations. Construction of this project was expertly coordinate with on-site staff, so as to not interfere with the day-to-day operations of fleet maintenance. This system maximizes available roof space while avoiding the many obstacles on the roof, to provide maximum yield from the PV system. In addition, Sullivan Solar Power provided a Level 2 electric vehicle charger at this site, for use by staff and visitors. Consisting of (406) Sharp modules, which are manufactured in the United States, and a PV Powered inverter, this site is expected to produce 151,928 kWhrs.
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Solar Panels
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83 kW