Photo of UCSD Engelkirk and SIO solar panel installation in San Diego

UCSD Engelkirk and SIO

This is one of five sites installed by Sullivan Solar Power for UCSD, Campus Clean Renewable Energy Project. This installation is spread across 2 roof spaces on 2 separate buildings. Since each building had its own unique roof style, Sullivan's design incorporates a unique attachment method per roof space. Sullivan had to also bring each of the building's arrays together for a single electrical tie-in at the building's service, which required diligent planning and attention to detail, in order to ensure a seamless and aesthetically-pleasing end product. In addition, Sullivan Solar Power provided a Level 2 electric vehicle charger at this site, for use by staff and visitors. Comprised of 378 Sharp solar modules, which were manufactured in the United States, this system is expected to produce 115,652kWhrs per year.
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Solar Panels
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System Size
76 kW