How Much Does Solar Cost And How Much Can I Save?

Photo of two-story home with solar panels on the tiled rooftop

The cost of going solar and how much you can save by making the switch depends on many factors. Your current and future power needs, your home’s location, your financing options and other important factors must be considered in determining your solar cost and projected savings.

The amount of energy you currently and plan to use in the future is an important consideration in determining the cost and size of solar power system you will need to power your home.

If your current and future energy needs are not factored in, you could end up without enough or too much power generated from your solar power system. For instance, let’s say you plan to add a pool and hot tub to your backyard in the next year. That’s important information our project development team would want to know in order to calculate the amount of power your home will soon require.

Conversely, if you have children who will be moving out of the house soon and taking their energy consumption with them, that’s an important consideration in designing the size and cost of your solar power system to avoid over producing more power than you will soon need.

Are You Prepared for Time-of-Use Pricing?

Illustration of person doing laundry indicating time of use energy cost during the day Illustration of person doing laundry indicating time of use energy cost during the night

As more utilities prepare to shift from tiered pricing structures to time of use pricing for all customers, the time of day when you are using energy is becoming just as important as how much you use. In California, by 2019, every utility customer will be on time of use billing method.

Sullivan Solar Power is an expert in helping our customers maximize their energy savings under the new time of use pricing structures. We determine a customer’s energy load profile by downloading a year’s worth of their actual energy usage in 15-minute intervals. We then take a solar power system’s output profile and overlay it on this consumption profile, to determine how much a customer will save by going solar.

This detailed analysis gives us a precise accounting of your individual energy usage and allows us to accurately calculate how much you’re going to save by going solar.

We have more than a decade of experience doing detailed electric rate analysis for customers. Thanks to our expertise in this area, our customers are able to move from tiered to time of use pricing structure while maximizing the financial benefits of going solar.

If this level of solar power expertise is not being brought to your project, you need to ask whether you are in the right hands. Sullivan Solar Power brings this level of solar energy knowledge, expertise and attention to detail to your residential solar energy project.