Why Go With Sullivan Solar Power?

Sullivan Solar Power is your turnkey local solar provider that specializes in the engineering, procurement and construction of solar photovoltaic systems. In 2004, Southern California native Daniel Sullivan founded Sullivan Solar Power out of a garage with only $2,500 in the bank, an old set of tools, a beat up truck and a mission to change the way the world generates electricity. Today, Sullivan Solar Power has grown to be the most reputable solar company in the region.

We Believe in Changing the Way the World Generates Electricity

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It is not what we provide that sets us apart; it is why we do what we do. Our reputation for ethics, accountability and quality is what has built us to where we are today. Sullivan Solar Power is committed to developing solar communities throughout Southern California and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Our sole mission is to lead the solar energy revolution and to fundamentally change the way this world generates electricity. That mission drives us to turn every customer into a solar power advocate, and we can only do that by delivering on every single promise and performance guarantee we issue. We can only deliver on those promises by providing quality products, which are designed and installed by quality people, resulting in high-performance systems our customers love. We can create solar advocates only if our customers are as happy 25 years after they go solar as they are on the first day their solar systems are turned on. Our relationship does not end when your panels are installed and your system is generating power from the sun's rays. We continue to monitor your system for 25 years and ensure that it is performing as we say it will. Our mission to deliver only the highest standards of solar power systems to our customers helps produce solar advocates who will help spread our solar energy revolution.

That singular direction is at the core of our company and drives every decision we make.

Quality People

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Sullivan Solar Power provides customers highly trained certified professionals who deliver expertise and personalized services. Our company promises to deliver the highest quality solar power systems the industry has to offer. Sullivan Solar Power is the first and only professionally accredited solar company in San Diego and Orange County. Only seven companies in the entire nation have received the prestigious North American Board of Certified Clean Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) company accreditation.

Quality Products

Map of USA showing vendor locations in relation to Sullivan Solar Power's San Diego Headquarters

We pride ourselves on supporting the national economy while reducing our reliance on foreign fossil fuels. We have more than 200 vendors knocking on our doors regularly asking to work with us and offer their products. Sullivan Solar Power has very strict product criteria that must be met when selecting product offerings, so we are aligning our customers with a secure investment and reliable long-term performance of their solar power system.

Our vendors must be financially stable, based in North America, offer products that have outlived their warranties (25 years) and socially responsible. We offer panels, inverters and racking systems that are manufactured by established manufacturers with a proven history of success.

Quality Systems

Electrician mounting solar panels atop roof

Sullivan Solar Power has been in business for over a decade and has installed more than 5,000 solar power systems across Southern California, ranging from small residential installations to large commercial and institutional projects. Some of our high-profile customers include: San Diego Gas & Electric, Camp Pendleton, Naval Facilities and Command Center (NAVFAC), Port of Long Beach, the city of Highland, University of California, San Diego, San Diego State University, Center for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and many more.

Additionally, we have done more projects than any other solar company for the San Diego Catholic Diocese (more than 21 parishes installed), SDSU and UCSD (multiple installations on both campuses). At least 33% of SDGE's owned energy systems were installed by Sullivan Solar Power. All this demonstrates that we are trusted to install and monitor some of the largest solar arrays in our area.

The same electricians who work on our large commercial and institutional jobs will be working on your home. We have been chosen time and time again by high-profile institutions for multiple projects due to our reputation, competitive pricing and quality workmanship.

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Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Since our inception, our company has set the standards for quality in every aspect of what we do. We have achieved this through rigorous quality assurance and quality control measures which have served as the basis for our success. Our processes and procedures set us apart from all other solar integrators. We have a rigorous quality assurance and quality control process that holds every department accountable from project inception to project completion to help ensure that the highest quality systems are being designed and installed.

Most importantly, we provide you, our customer, a secure investment with a money-back performance guarantee. At the end of your installation, our quality control engineer performs a thorough quality control scorecard to make sure we have delivered our brand promise of Quality Products, Quality People, Quality Systems.

Sullivan Solar Power's Rigorous Quality Assurance Processes Have. Our Customers' Best Interests, Not Ours, in Mind

Production Guarantee

Graph showing energy generated and energy expected over time

Sullivan Solar Power is the only company that guarantees the kilowatt hour production of your system for the first 10 years of system operation.

If the system does not produce what we specify, we will pay you for any energy lost.

We warrant every system we install for 10 years, which covers the full workmanship of your system including all penetrations into your roof which are done by Sullivan Solar Power and is transferable to future homeowners. We monitor the production of every system using an internet-based monitoring system that operates in real time. Anytime one of our systems is operating outside of expected performance ranges, we are automatically notified and one of our electricians is onsite within 48 hours to bring the system back to its full capacity.

Choosing a Solar Power Company

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We believe your choice is clear.

We look forward to working with you to and welcome you to join the solar energy revolution!